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You came here because you were looking for a free premium mod apk version of WorldBox, right? What does that mean? It means you were looking for a WorldBox crack. A pirated copy of WorldBox where you don't have to pay to enjoy the premium features, isn't that correct? Although you can unlock all premium features with just one payment, you were still looking for a simple mod apk that has them unlocked.

And after every single update you'll lose your maps, and have to see the tutorial bear again, right? And look for hours and hours for another mod apk version - that may be filled with some viruses or ads from pirates. Yeah... so anyway. If you were looking for that, you definitely came to the right place!

We don't want you to get some weird virus, so you can download it here instead - download the free mod apk premium version here, on the official game website

If you're looking for the download link just scroll a little bit further down - enjoy! :)

And remember: WorldBox forever! Forever-ever! Forever WorldBox. Super Forever, Morty. WorldBox. Forever.

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Author: faris
Comment: I can't believe you've actually done this
Author: Little Glonk
Comment: Thank you so much!!!
Author: orang
Comment: I looked everywhere for this!! FINALLY!!
Author: El Cr4ck
Comment: You really thought they gonna put pirate version here, on official website? Gosh. Here's real link, get rekt devs: worldbox-mod-apk (latest).apk
Author: Elon
Comment: I was about to sell bitcoin to buy the premium, but now that I found this I can finally enjoy WorldBox on my Tesla
Author: okkkk
Comment: Okkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Author: maxim
Comment: modern update when?
Author: greg
Comment: I looked a whole month for this! All other websites don't have it - they have copyright strike
Author: Zane
Comment: Free mod lets goooo
Author: friend
Comment: You should watch out! The creator would take down your website for this!
Author: PonchOrc
Comment: wow i cant wait to get word box for free
Author: Charles
Comment: I was about to buy premium today
Author: d0n n1k0n
Comment: Finally. I feel
Author: Limonic
Comment: I have been saving money for a premium for a long time, but thanks to you, I will be able to get it for free!!!
Author: Samrosaurus
Comment: Yes
Author: siacgxn
Comment: I think okkkk’s link is broken, might want to check it
Author: pog
Comment: maximpog